Electric scooters are surely no longer obscure to the common people. From 2013 on, the scooter sector has been thriving and a host of scooter-manufacturers, say Airwheel, have sprung up. In the whole sector, the structure of scooter has been evolved step by step.

In the beginning, electric self-balancing scooter came to our knowledge as a unicycle. To be sure, the agility of the unicycle structure takes some beating, even though the following model is not in the least a match for it in the agility. But there is a fatal drawback-it sibbuce takes some time to learn it. Just on this account, the unicycle scared away quite many users. In view of this fact, another structure, the twin-wheeled structure saw the light of the day. To a large extent, this model the issue of the unicycle, hence it caught on quickly and swept the whole scooter sector. To enhance the ease of use, Airwheel launched S-series electric self-balancing scooter. This kind of scooter adopted the two-wheeled frame design, ensuring the stability and safety. The moment he stands on the S-series scooter, he will be able to steer it in no time.

The change in the structure bred the shift of scooter-makers’ focus on target group. The single-wheel structure mainly focuses on the showing of riders’ riding skill. The target users are just a fractional part of people. To expand to the target users, every scooter-maker went lengths to release the twin-wheeled structure. The structure in question came a long way. Afterwards, Airwheel took the expansion of target users to extremes, inventing the two-wheeled scooter, e.g. S3. This user-friendly scooter goes for people of all ages. No one shrinks from S3. Airwheel seemed to follow this design notion from then on, which is evidenced by the newly released models, A3 and S5.

Love them or hate them, there is no arguing that the change in structure will not stop. More stunning scooter structure will await users across the globe.

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