Online resource has become an inherent part of life in the 21st century. Online shopping, social life and other activities are fast taking over real life. Even the few who shop make initial enquiries through the internet via mobile phones or tablets. To make the task easier, several competent internet search engines have come up. With so many tools to help discover, search and share content on the internet, it is no longer a problem to have access to internet based information. The problem is to access the specific content that a person is looking for.

Frompo has managed to stand apart by offering what the rest of the internet search engines failed to provide — specification. This tool aims at helping the browser to access the sought for content at half the time usually taken. The community of users is allowed to curate the search results in order to improve the search experience for all users. This approach enables the search engine to manually edit search results according to the particular specifications of the user. Frompo’s search results are clean, organized and specific according the demands of the user. Spam contents or anything irrelevant or malicious is immediately eliminated. The elimination is done by allowing complete control to users over the search engine. This allows the user to tailor make the search results according to personal needs.

The problem today is that users end up getting only traffic indexes which results in irrelevant content. Frompo stirs clear of this traffic rating that other tools resort to and performs only specified searches based on the demands. Also known as the Green Search Engine, it redirects its revenue to help save the environment. Whether it is revenue generated by using the tool or by clicking on other search advertisements, it is used in preserving Mother Nature from pollution and exploitation. For more information please go to


Frompo is an internet search engine that helps users to find the contents they are looking for. With only 5 years after it has entered the market, Frompo has already managed to stand at a league of its own from other giant competitors.