Be the coolest mum on the block with do-it-yourself cupcakes that look like they took hours to make. Or they look like expensive bought ones for a cupcake shop. Follow these easy as pie tips to make frosting cupcakes easy, quick and fun!

First you need to determine the type of frosting or icing you want to use on your cupcakes. In fact you're not constrained to butter-cream icing, you might select to top off your cupcakes with a meringue topping or a marsh-mellow furry frosting. Most cupcakes are just desired with an easy as pie chocolate butter-cream icing, it can be the icing that makes the cake.

A clear frosting or icing recipe can be found in approximately any cookbook or with a quick search online. There are as a matter of fact only three key ingredients, butter, sugar and milk or water. You can add food colour or flavor like vanilla essence to add interest. Making handmade icing has its advantages because easily adding a little food dye will make it any color you like. And let's face it do-it-yourself always tastes best.

Though frosting cupcakes can be done simply with a big portion of frosting and a spatula, bear in mind using a pastry bag and piping tip for a more qualified look. Pastry bags can be purchased or made by cutting the corner off a small plastic bag. How you use a piping bag is to fill the bag halfway, release the excess air and twist to prevent frosting from coming out the top. The size of the hole in the bag will decide the amount of icing that comes out. Create smaller holes for more detailed work. To pipe onto a cupcake hold the tip of the piping bag at 90 degrees to the cupcake and using firm pressure push and squeeze the icing out.

consider using a few various colors when creating your icing. What are the colors of your child's preferred sports team? You could work with one color for frosting and sprinkle jimmies that are the alternative color. Impress them with sports themed cupcakes and draw the emblem of the team on top, or easily frost the cupcakes in the colors and purchase little plastic toppers to tuck in in the cupcakes. cupcakes maken

Not only can you spruce up cupcakes with different color frosting, one can simply add a few various items to jazz them up and emphasize the guests. For a clear, classic look, work with a white or pastel colored frosting and add a single strawberry, or raspberry in the center. Add a single piece of candy with frosting that matches the color or even flavor. Chocolate colored pretzels make superb butterfly wings with a bit of liquorish for the body. A bit of imagination can stir up many cupcake creatures with rope liquorish for legs, M and Ms for eyes, red M & M's for spots or whatever one wishes.
With a little thought and some simple flare, frosting or icing cupcakes is an simple task. The guests will be thrilled and the little ones will like very much their special treat.

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