China, 08 August, 2014: Taobao in China is an e commerce platform that offers such opportunity as would facilitate the buyers in different parts of the world to purchase items from the Chinese online stores. They help the consumers purchase a number of items which can include anything ranging between apparel, accessories, or shoes, and electronic devices, and other different objects. The Taobao agents ensure the safety of transaction while bringing down the rates to a large extent. The Taobao agents are helpful in translating the websites that are entirely in Chinese to the clients and customers from other parts of the world. They help the clients in understanding the terms and conditions of the websites and online stores from which the purchase is being made. FruGirls is a Taobao agent that offers a platform for the buyers from other parts of the world to purchase from the online stores in China. The agency facilitates a faster and smoother buying process by offering shipping services and translating the Chinese websites in English for the customers and clients. 

FruGirls extend services to the foreign clients offering them to make safe purchases from the Chinese online stores. They offer services to different kinds of online stores in China. They check the quality of the items and the quantity too before shipping them to the foreign buyers. They offer shipping services to the other countries at affordable rates. The Chinese online stores with which FruGirls has affiliation include the likes of,,,, etc. Most of the Chinese online stores are in Chinese language which the clients and customers from other countries find hard to understand. The Taobao English services offered by FruGirls ensure that the clients and customers in the foreign countries understand the website before they make a purchase. The Taobao agent helps the clients in understanding what the stores offer and the prices too. 

The Chinese online stores are in different kinds and offer almost all kinds of products ranging between apparels, shoes, accessories, home décor items, electronic goods, and many others. Frugirls offers wholesale from Taobao by supplying the goods directly from the suppliers and manufacturers. The clients and customers from the foreign countries can purchase any item that include clothes for men, women and children, shoes, accessories, jewelry pieces, etc. They offer branded products at reduced rates. In order to avail of the benefits offered by FruGirls the customer would have to register a FruGirls account and then select the items that are to be purchased. They are to be added to the shopping cart. 

About FruGirls: 

FruGirls is a Taobao agent that offers an e commerce platform for the foreign clients and customers to purchase goods from the Chinese online stores. The Taobao agent offers services to help the clients understand the terms and conditions of a store and the prices of goods. For details, visit the website.