October 8, San Francisco — Chemion LED glasses is a smart wearable technology allowing the users to display messages, draw images and create animation on their eyewear, using a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone.

The origin of the invention lies in the creator’s desire to stand out from the crowd. The word “Chemion” is a combination of two words — chemistry and on. The glasses are designed to share the chemistry of your heart with the world. They are created for those who are brave enough to show their emotions and personality in a fun, non-invasive way.

The glasses are designed for an active urban lifestyle and connected with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Using an app, available for Apple and Android devices, a user can create different messages, images and animation, or even display an equalizer image synchronized with a music.  They feature an ergonomic design, illuminative LED, and built-in memory. A user can pair Chemion with a smartphone to express different emotions in a real time, or on their own, by pre-programming the messages and animation. A free Chemion smartphone app allows the creator to share their texts and animation with friends and the whole world.

Even with their various displays the glasses are still easy to see through. The bright LED lights are emitted to the outside, and do not affect a user’s vision.

“Glasses have gone from a nerd necessity to a chic accessory.  Now, more people wear them to express their personality than because of the prescriptions. Recent technology innovations have brought to the market smart eyewear, including Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens. But most of them are expensive and look ugly. We’ve created Chemion for young people who have an active social life and want to make an impression without looking arrogant or too nerdy. You don’t need to go to Vegas to have fun. Wearing Chemion, you can create a festive spirit anywhere, anytime.” Said Jongkuk Lim, one of the creators of the gizmo.

Chemion can be worn at a party, on a sports arena, to cheer your favorite team, on a street, to create festive images during the holiday season, or even to display the news of your upcoming engagement, birthday party or a startup event. They provide a fun way to start a conversation and to leave a lasting impression.

Chemion smart glasses are available for sale Amazon.com for $99.

Funiot’s website: http://chemi-on.com/

Contact Funiot by email: [email protected] or by phone +82 10 3758 1012

The company’s address:401 West Hall, Dankook University, 152, Jukjein-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea