Fun Easy Learn has recently launched their latest free Android app for anyone who wishes to learn Japanese easily and in an engaging manner. The ability to speak multiple foreign languages and knowing the basic vocabulary goes a long way in successful business relationships and guarantees a comfortable time when one travel to any country.

The world of business has shrunk and in today’s times, technology acts as a great enabler for networking and strengthening work relationships across the globe. Japan is an important business hub and knowing the local language is helpful for many reasons. “Learning Japanese via this app is entertaining and very easy for anyone who has the need and the interest,” said a company spokesperson.

Available on the Google Play Store, the App can be downloaded free and one can get started with this free vocabulary app in minutes. This free App lets people learn Japanese 6000 words with engaging words, phonetic transcriptions and clear pronunciations recorded by native speakers. Users have access to a wide range of 15 topics under vocabulary which are further divided into 140 subtopics. The vocabulary covers 50 languages as translation is available across some of the most common languages like English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Danish and many more. The sheer range gives one the ease and a wide variety of choice to learn the language easily.

The look and feel of the app is designed to make the exercise fun, entertaining and engaging. There are a set of 7 games which people can play on their device and learn the language on the way. The in-built, “Spin Categories”, makes the app choose topics at random and finally the game and sub topic to help people learn it easily. The outline of the game cum learning exercise helps users understand the basic words, gives them the confidence to converse and enables them to become well versed with the seemingly tough language-Japanese.

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The app from Fun Easy Learn is easy to work with and to get started on. One need to download it from the Google Playstore without having an internet connection. There are three levels,  beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. One can choose from the pre-set 50 languages and the best part is that it’s completely free.