Funky Rose, the number one portal on makeup tutorial for the contemporary women has launched a new website, . This is a makeup and beauty website for the modern woman who takes pride in her beauty and would go to any lengths to look beautiful. Like we all know, looking beautiful is self-esteem booster and the modern woman is unapologetic when it comes to looking beautiful. Funky Rose has an array of tutorials that cater for this ever-rising market segment. Unlike their male counterparts, women seem to know how they want to look early on during their teenage years. They embark on a process of looking beautiful which only ends when they are around 70 years. It is this recognition that has prompted Funky Rose to choose this niche. 

As a modern woman, whether you are looking for makeup, pedicure and manicure designs and trends, hair care products and styling or just the fashionable ‘Funky’ look, is the place to be. The website also boasts a blog with beauty tips, tricks and trends in this multi-billion dollar industry. With brands such as Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier, and many more getting reviews in the blog, women will be spoilt for choice of beauty products. The video content in the website is from hundreds of other women like you who want to share their tricks. The website even allows you to upload a new trick you have discovered in the course of getting beautiful. It is a platform to get information to other women who want to look as good as you look. 

Xplorhonduras, after reading ‘Review on Lush Angels On Bare Skin’ on the website had this to say, “wow, I started using Angels on bare skin about 3 weeks ago, after some help from the shop to choose a suitable cleanser for my skin that quit normal. Since I started using this product from Lush, I rarely get any spots or patches of dry skin, both of which I had slight issues with before, my skin now is really soft and has a nice lovely glow. I absolutely love Angels on bare skin; it lasts for about a month if you use it like me, two times a day, before and after sleeping. It is also a really good price for what you get. I found out it works best just after bathing and is really gentle on sensitive and dry skin. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a dry, normal or difficult skin. I bought as gifts for different people who also love this product of Lush!” This is the kind of information you will find on the website. It is informative and unbiased. Actually, you can get so many tips on makeup or hair care regardless of your hair type or color of the skin, that you will find little need to visit your local salon. endeavors to avail the relevant information for hundreds of women who would otherwise pay top dollar for the same. The demos on the videos will take your daily beauty to the next level. Make a point of visiting this website 

Funkyrose.Com is the leading Cosmetic Video Tutorial platform for the funky woman who wants to learn everything about making herself beautiful and which cosmetic products to use to get the best results. Their library includes many videos across 4 categories including: Make-Up, Nails, Hair and a Beauty Blog. 

For more information you can drop them an e-mail from their contact page at . You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.