Galaxy-Design has released a new window treatment ideas video: do it yourself drapes window treatment ideas with swags, scrolls and holdbacks, DIY drapery #2.


Do it yourself drapes window treatment ideas with swags, scrolls and holdbacks DIY drapery #2 is the latest video in a new YouTube series by Galaxy-Design that educates homeowners on how to design, create and install luxurious custom window treatments. Videos are added to the series each week and every new video is designed to walk do-it-yourself homeowners through another aspect of creating and installing luxurious DIY custom window treatments at an affordable price. 

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Galaxy-Design president Steve Messri said, “People don’t realize how simple it is to create and install your own exquisite window treatments especially now that we have created these DIY window treatment combo packages for you. These combo packages are so simple to install that we can walk you through the entire process in this short 7 minute video.” 

These do it yourself custom drapery how to videos serve as quick and comprehensive guides that show viewers exactly how to dress the windows of their home on a budget. Each free YouTube video focuses on a new exquisite window treatment combination to create dramatic luxurious exterior environments in the home. Topics include:

- How to install French Scrolls
- Arched windows curtain design
- Tall window curtain design
- How to choose the right designer window treatments
- How to install drapes in bay windows
- How to measure for designer window treatments

Steve went on to say, “Thousands of people from around the world view our videos each day on YouTube and we incorporate their questions and suggestions into all our new videos. We work hard to add value in our videos and we’re always delighted each week when a handful of our viewers contact us to share the beautiful and dazzling designer window treatments that they have been able to create for their homes after watching.” 

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About Galaxy-Design: 

For over 30 years Galaxy Design has been providing exquisite and unique custom window treatments for some of the most beautiful homes in the world. Clients such as Ryan Seacrest, Tatum O’Neal and members of Earth Wind and Fire have been delighted by the luxurious custom window dressings provided by Galaxy-Design and their policy of timely, competent installation, friendly and knowledgeable customer service and lifetime guarantees. Through their award-winning 5 Step Exquisite Interior Design Process, Galaxy-Design is able to offer the highest standard in professionalism and customer experience. 

Galaxy Design proudly makes a positive impact on the beauty and quality of life for homeowners worldwide everyday thanks to a thriving team of passionate people. The company’s do-it-yourself drapes kits each pass a 7-step quality control process and they are all made locally in Los Angeles, CA. Each kit combines quality craftsmanship, exquisite products, ease of use, and a lifetime guarantee with the support they need to help homeowners achieve their visions for a luxurious living environment while saving money along the way. 

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