Brooklyn, New York — GameRiza has announced a new partnership with Third Party, a major distributor of aftermarket parts such as Playstation 3 accessories and Nintendo Wii remote items. Now, customers of GameRiza can obtain repairs and replacement parts for items from Third Party instead of needing to purchase expensive new systems.

The partnership with Third Party helps to solve a variety of gamers' problems. Now, when game play is interrupted with a broken controller, gamers can find the exact replacement part they need on GameRiza's website through this partnership. As the name implies, Third Party is a major supplier of parts and accessories for a variety of makers and manufacturers. For the best Xbox 360 controller or PS3 accessories , it is not always necessary to deal directly with the manufacturer. In fact, in some cases it is not even possible to find the right Xbox 360 wireless controllers or other items from the original manufacturer.

Instead, Third Party and other vendors offer repair and replacement parts for Xbox 360 controller shells, PS3 controllers and other systems. GameRiza carries a wide and ever-growing inventory of Xbox 360 controllers, all types of repair and replacement parts and entire game systems and consoles. Companies such as Third Party supply replacement parts for the systems, including covers for Wii controllers, AC power adapters, memory cards, console doors, cartridge slot replacements and flip door covers.

Instead of throwing away an expensive Xbox 360 controller for PS3 or other gaming part, users can now order replacements simply through GameRiza. Replacement parts are an inexpensive way to get years of life out of game systems and recover the use of special consoles or other pieces that may not be easy to replace.

GameRiza offers gamers the opportunity to secure difficult-to-find parts from manufacturers such as Third Party in one convenient location. Gamers are sure to find the parts they seek without scouring the Internet or shopping offline at dozens of stores. With free, fast shipping, GameRiza makes it easy for gamers to locate, order and receive accessories and replacement parts for all major game systems quickly and easily.

About GameRiza:

GameRiza began in 2005 selling gaming accessories to local gamers in the New York area. At first, GameRiza sold only offline and locally; however, the company soon branched into nationwide Internet sales. From those beginnings, the company grew to offer video games, accessories consoles and replacement parts for all major gaming systems and specializes in hard-to-find accessories and parts for all game systems. With the fastest free shipping nationwide from a dedicated warehouse and games, parts and accessories for all major systems, GameRiza is a one-stop provider of all gaming needs.

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