Singapore, SI; 14, August 2015: Garcinia Forte natural dietary health supplement has taken customers by storm. This fat burning product has been spread all over the world due to the powerful health effects of garcinia cambogia extract. Based on researches and studies, garcinia cambogia is a miracle fruit due to its highly effective weight loss properties and health benefits for the body system. This is the reason why scientists and health experts have been consistently taking advantage and utilize this extract to invent and formulate health supplements. In such a way that it would be more easy and convenient to fully achieve excellent health and well-being.

Garcinia Forte is a 100% natural supplement in a bottle, which contains 60 capsules to be taken regularly, as doctor’s-recommended. By the name itself, Garcinia Forte is dominantly embodied with this powerful ingredient known as “garcinia cambogia.” This product is one helpful agent that simply burn fats and calories the fastest and natural way , and in order for it to release off phenomenal benefits for the body;

* Rapid absorption for maximum results
* Supports healthy weight loss
* Naturally effective for increase of metabolism

How does it work?

* Aids in fat elimination
* Suppresses appetite

What are its ingredients?

1. Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract (HCA 60%) 1000mg
2. Calcium
3. Chromium
4. Potassium

Where to buy?

Since Garcinia Forte is an “internet-exclusive” health product, this means that it cannot be bought at shopping malls, drugstores or high-end supermarkets. In order to create buying transactions, it can only be done securely and safely in its official website, or to any of its authorized websites that are also promoting the product.

For general product information, relevant facts can be found in its official website, together with the instructions on how to avail the product.

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