The United Kingdom, January 15, 2014: Gardens are often referred to as representative of the paradise Earth. However, only maintained gardens are havens of peace as those that are neglected often turn into bushy forest. House owners may be able to take care of their front gardens but those that are in public places and cover vast expanse need professional assistance. The Tree & Garden Company Limited is an established gardening service provider in the United Kingdom. The company has dedicated garden designers and tree surgeons who offer customised designing, landscaping and maintenance service according to the preference of clients. Besides beautification and maintenance, environment and health are also the focus of the agency. However, Tree & Garden caters to gardening only in North London and Hertfordshire.

Tree and Garden Company has more than 2 decades of experience in gardening and services related to it. The company provides fence installation, maintenance, repair, lawn mowing, grass cutting, turf supply, laying and paving alongside driveways according to the drainage of the area

A garden is any open place with grassy land and varieties of plantations. Apart from public parks, gardens can be found within the premises of private residences, offices, educational institutes, medical centres, etc. The design and landscape of a garden obviously has to be according to the building that compounds it and the operation going on in the premises. Moreover, gardens are private properties and so are usually different from each other. In short, all gardens are not same and need to be maintained according to the area, climate, soil of the region, and nature of operation that is carried out in the premises. Garden landscapers and designers at Tree & Garden are specifically involved with such responsibilities throughout the year. They are skilled and experienced in designing suitable gardens, landscaping gardens for beautification and maintaining gardens.

Trees and other plantations are the main component of a garden. However, a green place can be called a park or a garden only when its botanical features are appropriate and accommodative to people. Remains of a decayed tree, wild bushes that overwhelm other plants, precariously hanging branch of a tree, etc. need tree surgery. In fact, arborists and tree surgeons are the people who render garden maintenance. They study how trees react to pruning, diseases that might affect the garden or a species of tree in it, how trees grow and their biomechanics. They are expert in groundwork, safe use of harness, rope and chainsaws, tree climbing, etc. In other words, they are the professionals who ensure that the work of gardens landscapers can be enjoyed for prolonged period.

About The Tree & Garden Company Limited


The Tree & Garden Company Limited is more than decades-old agency that caters to gardening demands in North London and Hertfordshire. It provides all types of fencing, lawn care, paving and turf services. All types of garden designing, landscaping and maintenance are offered by Tree & Garden.