A gardening website shares what homeowners should remember when taking care of their plants during the autumn season. Autumn gardening is exciting because this season is when gardeners plant bulbs, cut hedges, and maintain the lawns among many others.

“Autumn is a really good time for transplanting work because the soil has sufficient moisture thanks to regular rain showers. The ground is still warm from the summer and autumn therefore the plants still have enough time to get used to their new position and form new roots,” the website Gardena.com stated in the report.

First and foremost, particular plants should be grown as part of autumn gardening. Gardena noted that houses should have roses ideally in the autumn season, before the initial ground frost.

Then, planting bulbs during the autumn is just in time for the flowers to germinate so they can grow full well as spring begins.

“Bulbs should be planted in the ground at a depth of two to three times their height… You then place the bulbs in the ground with their tip facing upwards, cover them with the soil from the planter, and press down,” the website added further.

How about cutting hedges? This should also be part of the autumn gardening checklist. Hedges should reportedly be pruned during this season to prevent decays.

“Only cut deciduous hedges back as far as you can without creating any holes as these will not grow back over the winter and the hedge could look bare. Any tree leaves lying on the hedge should also be removed otherwise the hedge will not get enough fresh air and sun and could rot,” Gardena website further stated.

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