WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Oct. 08, 2015: GardenInMinutes.com, one of the country’s leading raised bed gardening suppliers, is expanding its product line to include tiered, raised garden kits. The kits, like all of GardeninMinutes’ products, require no tools to assemble and are comprised of pre-cut cedar boards, connecting pins, a garden hose timer, two-way water flow valve and two patent-pending Garden Gridâ„¢ watering systems--one for each level.

The Garden Gridâ„¢ watering system is the first and only product that simultaneously provides gardeners with an irrigation system and planting guide. The Garden Gridâ„¢ was inspired by the method of square-foot gardening and partitions gardens into equal growing sections and waters plants evenly at their base.

“We started our company to make gardening easier, so adding tiered garden kits was a logical next step” said Tom Traficante, co-founder of GardenInMinutes.com “Tiered kits eliminate the stress of having to get so low to the ground when you’re tending to smaller plants. Tall plants like tomatoes or green beans can be grown on the lower levels of our kit, and and then your short plants like carrots and lettuce, can be grown on the higher level.”

The wood boards included in GardenInMinutes.com’s gardening kits fit together, tongue and groove, and are secured in the corners with connecting pins. The raised garden boards are made with Cedar wood, which is a naturally rot-resistant and insect-resistant wood, and is then sealed with an eco-friendly, soy-based wood sealer.

GardenInMinutes.com believes gardening should be fun, easy and convenient for everyone. For more information or to see the rest of the company’s product line, please visit: GardenInMinutes.com

About GardenInMinutes.com

GardenInMinutes.com is run by an enthusiastic family of gardeners who value simplicity and quality craftsmanship. The company started after co-founder Tom, wanted to find a way to help his wife Theresa manage her garden more easily. Through Theresa’s knowledge of square foot gardening, and Tom’s propensity to innovate, the original Garden Gridâ„¢ watering system prototype was created. Theresa’s enjoyment from the ease of the Garden Gridâ„¢, coupled with the persuasion of their close friends and family, motivated the two to start GardenInMinutes.
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