Ephrata, PA — When an accident happens there are usually doctor bills and lost wages that cause extreme financial difficulty. As time goes on, these problems get worse and worse, exacerbated by the fact that the injured party cannot work. All too often the injured party has to accept whatever paltry sums they are offered, even if the payment does not pay off medical expenses in full. The attorneys in Ephrata PA, Kurt Gardner and John Stevens, are skilled at getting the best settlement possible.

Gardner and Stevens made their reputation as some of the finest divorce lawyers Lancaster PA residents could hire. As the divorce lawyers Lancaster PA residents counted on, they built a legal practice that has helped hundreds of people in the area. They continue to offer divorce services, but the practice has expanded to other fields of legal expertise as well. With decades of combined experience in Pennsylvania law, Gardner Stevens has the experience to handle any legal situation.

With their free personal injury consultations, Gardner Stevens gives aid to those who have been injured due to negligence or malice. The free consultation will allow Gardner Stevens to quickly assess the merits of the case and decide whether or not it is worth pursing and the attorneys in Ephrata PA will be able to give advice on what to do next. If the case is worth pursuing, the firm will do everything that it can to ensure the very best settlement for their clients. Gardner Stevens will ensure that clients do not have to take small settlements out of pure desperation.

Hiring a lawyer is a process that requires face to face visits and discussions before the matter can move forward. The free personal injury consultation from Gardner Stevens allows those who have been injured to speak to attorneys in Ephrata PA and get advice, even if they do not have much free cash.

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