If you have ever looked at the various GPS systems that are available, Garmin products, specifically the 1450LMT GPS system, should have caught your eye. Low on complaints, this model has received praise and positive feedback from most users that have actually tried the product. This article will address the positive and negative aspects of the Garmin 1450LMT so you can make an educated decision on whether to get it or not.

Although this particular GPS unit is not for everyone, the Garmin 1450LMT has great features that most will appreciate. If price is a difficulty with you and your budget, more affordable models with fewer features can be purchased. If you only need the basics, you might be able to get by with a GPS system that costs less than $100. No matter what you purchase, only get the features that you require or desire for your GPS.

The Garmin 1450LMT is a full-featured GPS unit that has technologically advanced features that will keep you happy for many years. It all depends on where you live, where you travel, and if you really need advanced features such as text to speech while driving.

Another great feature about the Garmin 1450LMT is that the GPS actually has a 5 inch touchscreen. This makes it very convenient to keep an eye on the screen while your driving or to make changes in the display. It is actually one of the most important features on any GPS unit having a large screen that is easy to read. So whether you're searching for a friend's house, or a location downtown, the touchscreen makes it easy to find in just seconds.

This GPS has the ability to take an address, verify your location, and then present a digital map representation of those two locations. Although getting this information is very useful, the way that the unit presented, in a bubble, can sometimes interfere with the view that you are looking at on the screen. This doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it can be a little confusing. You can, of course, change the display so that this info bubble disappears, but it's still a minor glitch that could use improving.

Choosing the Garmin 1450LMT could be a very good decision, one that you will not regret. The main advantage that sets it apart from most other systems is the convenient touchscreen that's so easy to see. It is true that you will notice similar features on many other GPS products that are competitors of Garmin throughout the industry. Garmin, however, has long been a leader in GPS technology.

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