The United States of America, February 13, 2014: Crime is not always intentional but criminal charges are not levied on the basis of intention and background of the person. Thus, even a mistake like speeding on the road or not taking the last night’s drink into consideration before getting behind the steering wheel can attract criminal charges. Like in every state, any criminal defense lawyer in Chicago also takes up people’s case after initial consultation. Local lawyers are well versed with the state laws and are the best to represent citizens and tourists charged with criminal offence. The search for the right attorney can rather be a tedious job for people who already have fallen into trouble.

Gary Novak is also a DUI attorney in Chicago and has respectable experience in representing clients in the court of law. He has keen insight into the local criminal laws and has fair success rate. His observation of the difficulty and confusion that people face in order to hire a Chicago DUI attorney has compelled him to assist them in more ways than just representation in court of law. He offers valuable advices, suggestions and recommendations to people through various online resources such as YouTube. Mr Novak highly emphasizes his advice to follow when searching for a lawyer anywhere in the country. The procedure of hiring an attorney is largely the same everywhere. Special consideration is required only for states with certain unique laws.

The first step to hiring a Chicago DUI attorney is to understand the category of charge. This is the century of specialization and most lawyers take cases relevant to their niche of specialization. Some examples of classification of criminal charges are driving under influence of intoxicant (DUI), speeding while driving, physical assault, etc. There are lawyers that specialize in these types of charges. Thus, a Chicago DUI attorney should be hired to represent DUI cases and not physical assault. The same is true for other types of cases too.

Relatives, friends and colleagues are the best people to give feedback about a particular criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, if they have hired him/her. The Internet is great means of accessing feedback of thousands of people. Independent online forums are rather more reliable than websites of law firms, which often tend to favor some attorneys over the others. Asking about relevant experience and success-rate during the initial consultation helps in determination of the right Chicago DUI attorney. Fee is also an important factor to consider. Initial consultations are typically short, free and totally confidential even if the visitor hires another lawyer. Notably, public defenders are assigned by judges if the person cannot afford an attorney.

About Gary Novak:

Gary Novak is a DUI attorney in Chicago with years of experience and thorough understanding of the local criminal laws as well as proceedings of local courts of law. In addition to representing his clients, he offers vital tips to regular people through online media.