The Gastroenterology institute of Southern California has been cited as a premier provider of gastroenterological services. Dr. Berookim head Gastroenterologist in Beverly, and avers to only using the least invasive procedures that are on the cutting edge of gastroenterological sciences. For example, one of the latest developments is the implementation and use of the “third eye” colonoscopy camera. They combine that with the most sensitive of patient care to ensure that the patient experience is as rewarding as possible.

One thing that differentiates the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California from other providers is their attention to patient care. They utilize an open form of communication between patient and doctor to ensure that all concerns are addressed. Furthermore, cutting edge technology allows for patient medical records to be easily accessed by both patient and various parts of the medical staff. It is practices such as these, and the commitment to customer service that has allowed the Beverly Hills gastroenterology( institute to develop reputation for top patient care.

Dr. Berookim is quoted as saying that, “in the field of gastroenterology, time is of the essence.” Thus, the team at GI Southern California is committed to providing service in a timely fashion. Appointments can be made to see a doctor within a 72 hour time frame. This allows for turnaround times virtually unmatched in the GI field. As a result, waiting room wait time are kept to a minimum, and Dr. Berookim and his staff are able to provide patients with the undivided attention they require, without concern for double-booking, or other misappropriations of services that are typical causes for dissatisfaction. As a result, patients feel comfortable and confident in the services they receive.

The Gastroenterological Institute of Southern California is located in Beverly Hills. The main office is situated at 150 N Robertson Blvd.  For more information on the services provided, please contact Dr. Berookim at (310) 271-1122 or visit the website at

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