The words “drug test” often leaves people uncomfortable. However, as standard practice in most offices today, it is important for people to undergo periodical testing so that they can ensure that they stay healthy. Sometimes drug abuse never manifests openly. Sometimes it might end up rearing its ugly head in the most in opportune moments. That is why if you are company, you should ensure that you always have a dot drug testing program. The following article highlights what you should know about dot and faa drug testing programs.


Since most companies don’t want to bring their business to a stand still for a day, there some dot drug testing programs in which they provide off site urine testing. Gone are the days when people used to go to an office somewhere. The danger of such a course of action was that people would often switch their samples along the way if they went unchecked. Hence, in a way an onsite urine testing facility ensures that you don’t get people switching up samples. Offsite urine testing programs tests for a variety of drugs. What you want is to ensure that there was no interference in the chain of custody or other processes that would bring the integrity of the test in question. At New Era, this dot drug testing programme ensures that you get the results in as honest a manner as possible.


Another faa drug testing program that New Era offer is drug and alcohol testing. This test is ideal for when you suspect alcoholism in an accident or post hiring situation. Alcoholism is one of those addictions that affect the productivity of the company adversely. The ways in which this dot drug testing program is conducted is either by breath analysis or urine test as was highlighted earlier. When alcoholism is identified the company can take measures to ensure that the employee recovers.


Hair testing is another dot drug testing program that is conducted by New Era. Hair is one of those places that you cannot use to hide. In other words, a person can switch up samples of their urine or dilute it. However, when it comes to hair, drug residue cannot hide. Hair follicle testing is ideal in identifying ecstasy and other drugs. Most people often try to disguise their hair or use bleach on it. However, researchers cannot be fooled at all. At New Era, this faa drug testing program is carried out with a lot of strictness in order to ensure that the test cannot be voided if there is a dispute arising from it.


Finally, at New Era, you have access to professionals who provide you with a way of interpreting the results. To the lay person, you might end up not putting everything together on the test result. You might enlist the services of a medical professional but you might end up paying consultation fees. At New Era, this service is included after testing.

For more information on faa drug testing program or dot drug testing program, you should visit the New Era website.