Perth WA - According to the survey conducted by, Generation Y buyers who don’t own the property they live in are more than twice as likely as Generation X to own an investment property.

The figures show 13% of such Generation Y buyers own an investment property, compared with 7% of Generation X and just 2% of the Baby Boomer generation.

Young Buyers Money-Conscious and Savvy

With property prices challenging for many first-time buyers, especially those living and working in Australia’s big cities, Generation Y are increasingly choosing to play it smart and invest in regional centres.

This is a strategy preferred by young couples who are looking to start a family, but do not have the funds to buy more than a small property in a city centre. Others are simply looking for more return off their savings, and use the rental income they earn to fund their own rented lifestyle.

Trend In Evidence For Some Time

This is not the first time such a trend has come to attention. A 2011 survey by broker Mortgage Choice found that 43% of Generation Y intended to make their first purchase an investment property. Elsewhere, letting agents have noted a boom in Generation Y landlords.

An Effective and Flexible Strategy

Analysts suggest it is a smart strategy for those looking to enter the market, without compromising their flexibility. Instead of being tied to an outsize mortgage and one location, investors retain their freedom of movement whilst gaining the security that comes with being on the property ladder.

However, potential investors are advised to think carefully about where they buy. A good regional purchase should be in an area with a diverse economy and showing strong growth, to ensure that the investment property continues to give sizable capital gains yields.

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