During last two years there was massive attacks on corporations like Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and Sony. The mysterious letters “ND” appear already everywhere. Recently a cyberattacker called himself “ND” have overcomed the FBI defence system and downloaded database information. Sources confirmed that he also changed some information about the people in the base. By the changed information was arrested two millionaires by Forbes Toby Keith and Ingvar Kamprad. 

After the investigation FBI Department of Defense (DoD) have found, that information was simply changed by the attacker who hacked the defence system. 

When contacted, Marc from DoD said, “The hacker have injected our systems with a new very strong virus much stronger then Citadel,we are working to find out how exactly it was done. At the moment we have no information what information was changed but we will find out soon”. 

Sources confirmed that the attack was held mostly from Austrian ip adresses. The hacker carried the attack by other zombie computers. The hacker also wrote posts on Pastebin that next attack will be done on Yale university because its a satanistic university where there are held all illuminati secret meetings. 

Experts of the field are to believed, the hacker by which the attack was carried is very professional,there was not left any evidence. 

Marc added,”I think the attacker is a genious kid who wanted to show how the system is unprotected because there was no attempts to brake banking informations. We are sure that the attacker is based in Austria,we will continue our investigations to catch the cyber attacker.” 

For Media Contact
Antone Gonsalves