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Orlando, Florida — Raspberry ketone is an organic compound known to be responsible for giving raspberries their distinct smell. With the aid of advanced technology, Choice Nutrition Supplements was able to extract the potential of raspberry ketone to help people lose weight and achieve their dream figure. With this, Choice Nutrition Supplements just launched their newest product, Raspberry Ketone Drops with African Mango on Amazon with an irresistible special offer of 25% discount, making it one of the most affordable and effective weight loss supplements today.

Raspberry ketone acts by increasing the Adiponectin levels in your body, a hormone known to regulate your metabolism. The more Adiponectin you have in your body, the faster your metabolism becomes, burning the fatty acids within your cells more quickly. Essentially, raspberry ketone tricks your body into thinking that it is thin so it behaves as such metabolically.  The best feature about Choice Nutrition Supplements Raspberry Ketone Drops is that it comes in liquid form. This heightens the absorption rate compared to other weight loss counterparts that are in pill or capsule form. According to Physician’s Desk Reference, up to 90% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed by the body within 22-30 seconds.

Raspberry Ketone Drops with African Mango is a proprietary formula of super fat burning Ingredients:

- African Mango — helps jumpstart the weight loss process by helping you shed the first 5-10 pounds quickly
- Garcinia — scientifically proven to block fat storage and suppress appetite
- L-Carnitine — helps the body burn fat for energy
- L-Arginine — an amino acid proven by researchers as an effective body fat reducer and body mass minimizer by catalyzing lipolysis, or fat breakdown
- EGCG — a powerful antioxidant from green tea which increases thermogenesis, or heat production, through extra calorie burning and the use of stored fat as energy

“Adiponectin is a hormone that naturally tricks your body into acting like it’s thin. People who are thin naturally have more Adiponectin and when you put weight on, you reduce the ability of this hormone to function and for that reason you actually end up with a body that behaves like its fat, you begin storing fats in lots of places.” — Dr. Oz

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