June 28, 2014: Festival Delights is ready with its two newest products for home decoration. Both of the products are Battery Operated Candles, or LED candles, and are available on Amazon.com. These attractive, flameless candles are in the form of a pillar and available in several colors that provide light for extended hours. Batteries are included with each purchase. 

The battery operated candles come in a set of three sparkling, real wax pillars along with remote control candles. The company is offering safe, clean, graceful and romantic flameless candles without any chaos or related risky flames. The flameless LED candles shine unsteadily and blaze just like real candles. They also look more attractive and dependable. The candles can be used for decorating a home for all kinds of events and festivals. 

A representative of the company confirmed that the flameless candles can be used for Illuminating a fireplace mantel and bookshelf loft in addition to being scattered around the house to get a pleasant atmosphere. One may use it for decorating the house and having a candle light dinner with his or her partner. Special events such as wedding parties and birthdays can also be made more special with the help of these candles. 

The battery operated candles by the company are exceptional decoration items for occasions such as dinner parties, wedding receptions, holiday gatherings and many other events. The candles are getting extremely popular among users and they are purchasing them with some exciting deals on Amazon. The products are available with a one year warranty. 

When contacted, Stella, one of the users of flameless candles said, “It looks amazingly beautiful around the residence. I put these candles in a glass outdoors lantern tree stand which holds all three candles. The remote unexpectedly turns the candles on and off through the glass and heavy chrome structure. The light is more than sufficient and looks tremendously gorgeous. These candles look like original or conventional candles but more charming and beautiful. Now it has become an important part of all special events at my home.” 

About Festival Delights: 

Website: http://www.amazon.com/Flameless-Candles-Decorations-Centerpieces-Restaurant/dp/B00KA1NPQU 


Festival Delights is a well known company that offers beautiful and innovative products for decorating the home. The company is offering a range of products on Amazon.com.