20, August 2015: Here comes the secret of its success. Generally speaking, Airwheel S3 is super user friendly, safe and fashionable. Besides, S3 closely follows the new eco-friendly notion,providingcustomer the green lifestyle.


1. Redefine the future transportation. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter S3 features sleek and smart exterior design,which catches people’s attention at the first glance.While urban commuters are spending hours getting stuck in the traffic, S3, efficiently help riders to cross around town freely at much lower cost.

2. Dual intelligent balancing clips. Thanks to its built-in intelligent balancing chip, riders are able to maintain longitude balance. In addition, the fuzzy algorithm and aviation altitude control technique will escort people’s journey by its intelligent protecting system. Also, the top architecture and significant performance improvement,capable of processing 1024Mfps to monitor real-time data..

3. Intelligent safety. Airwheel S3 has achieved three types of protection: speed limit protection, low battery protection and tilting protection. Specifically, when the wheel senses that it is handing in the air, the power will turn off automatically. Depending on the careful design, the riders’ safety can be effectively protected.

4. Easy to operate. The smart self-balancing scooter is driven by electric energy. Besides, the two-wheeled structure was a significant breakthrough, which makes it stronger and more stable. Moving the body slightly forward and back, they can realize the operation of advancing, acceleration, and deceleration and braking crane, and so on. The balance of left and right is similar to the bike, and can be achieved by relying on body twisting. It's a means of transportation which simplifies human body's movements, which is controlled just by moving the center of gravity slightly, and even the elder is able to operate easily.


S3 is proved to be user friendly and eco-friendly, whichproduces no exhaust while traveling, meeting the demand for low-economy. Nowadays, S3 is widely used in various sectors and wins its riders among various groups including white-collar in cities, college students, house wives and even the retired senior citizens. Undoubtedly, the era of Airwheel intelligent scooter S3 is coming.

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