UK — It is quite difficult for anyone to get a loan with a bad credit score. There are some lenders who offer loans to such people and one of them is CitySuite Loans . The website claims to provide secure loans to borrowers with bad credit in a matter of a day’s time, once the eligibility criteria are met. The documentation required to apply for the loan is also minimal, making it easy for borrowers to get the money.

The loans which this website deals with are known as logbook loans. They are short term loans in which the lender has the borrower’s vehicle’s logbook as collateral. The money from the loan can be used by the borrower for several purposes. Some of these include medical bills, home repairs, college fees, etc. There is no need for any guarantor all the borrower needs to pledge is a vehicle which he or she owns. Another feature of these loans is that the repayment schedule and design is based on the borrower’s convenience.

The loans are made available without running any credit checks and are easy to apply for. Borrowers can visit the website and fill an online form to apply. They can even get quotes free of cost. The website claims to get the approval process done within a few hours so that the money is disbursed on the next day of the application.

According to the website,” We strive to cater to all those who are facing financial crunches in their lives and are unable to get any loans approved. Such people, who are in urgent need of money and own a car, can get a loan quite fast and meet all their commitments on time. The interest rates that we charge are also competitive and you can easily repay your loans in the stipulated time.”


The website provides loan solutions to people in a simple manner and the same can be repaid without any pecuniary issues in the future. The loans are secured by the borrower’s vehicle and hence, the amount of the loan depends on the same. Free quotes are available for all those who are interested in such loans.

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