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StudentShare is a unique educational service, aiming high to build the largest academic database to let the English-speaking students share their files. More than 500,000 papers already contributed all proved by the top high schools, colleges, and universities around the globe.

Any student knows that learning and education is almost always a group effort. This is the case whether it is between a clueless student and learned professor or amongst peers cramming before that dreaded final. Finally there is a place for students to share their work and exchange ideas on a safe and educational website. StudentShare is a new and totally unique forum that allows students and academics to share their materials including: assignments, research papers, application essays, course outlines, case studies, term papers, book reviews, lab reports, and so much more.

Only The Best

These materials are sourced from the best English-speaking students. The papers and studies are then brought together in a well-organized system with the goal of making the website into one of the largest academic databases for sharing files anywhere online.

A Global Community

StudentShare already hosts more than 500,000 papers that come in every format possible. One aspect that unites them all is that students, who are considered the cream of the crop in their high school, college or university, generate them. From anywhere around the globe, students can share ideas and form a community the likes of which have never been seen on this scale before.

A Necessary Study-Aid

How does this site work and help you in your studies? StudentShare allows you to use advanced searches to trawl their database, then you just need to choose the file that has the information you need. You have the opportunity to download two papers from StudentShare each day FOR FREE but can also opt for a premium account that gives you unlimited access and downloads.

The best part about this site is not only gaining access to the work and investigations of others but that you will also be able to share your own findings as well. This means that you will be truly contributing to the growth of the site and expansion of knowledge it holds. Using this site will massively contribute to your own academic goals, which you can track for yourself with our GPA calculator.

More Than Just Facts And Figures

This site isn’t just about the research and studies of students. It is also the home of news and articles that have been written by experienced professionals on current affairs and life.  Reading these interesting pieces will certainly be a welcome break when having gone through so much valuable academic work.  There is also the option to buy and sell whatever you choose through the Classifieds section of the site, which can be a great advantage when looking for material resources.

Get Involved

You can use to simply access the information provided by others or can become totally involved by leaving comments and feedback as well. Use the site however you would like knowing that students just like you are taking advantage of this resource to better their education. Having all of the information you need to further your studies means getting through assignments more efficiently and having more time to dedicate to the more exciting parts of student life.

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