United States of America, 21/02/2012 — Kitchen is not just a place where the delicacies are prepared, it is also a place that forms an important part of a household. In fact, the appearance and décor of the kitchen indicates the standard of the household. Thus, the kitchen appliances not just aid in preparing the delicacies but also enhance the look of the kitchen and therefore to the household. Apart from all that, what the kitchen appliances most do is to ease out the work for the cook or the chef. The Kitchen Aid Ksm150pser Artisan Mixture is one such appliance that is not just an immensely useful thing in the kitchen, but the look of the appliance adds charm to the kitchen. 

The ksm150pser is a kitchen appliance that the chefs have rated as the best among the others available in the market. In fact, such is the usefulness of the appliance that those that have used the appliance find it indispensable. The mixer is absolutely magnificent with and elegant design. It has the dough hook, the flat paddle and the whip. Not only is the outlook wonderful, but it has a number of accessories that come along. These accessories include pasta rollers for making fresh pasta and grinders designed for burger mince. There is an ice cream maker too that comes along with the kit. There are obvious reasons for flaunting this five quart mixer. 

The ksm150pser mixer has been engineered to offer utmost convenience while also offering services nearest to what is required. For instance, the ten speed slider control in the appliance has been built so as the stirring can be just as is required. For preparation s that require light stir, the speed of stirring can be kept from medium to very low. For preparations that require vigorous stirring, the slider can be set at high speed. The appliance, therefore, offers itself to fulfill the requirement of the user. The mixer also comes with Power Hub to facilitate the additional attachments that may include the grinder. 

As for the look, the design is elegant and sophisticated. The ksm150pser mixer comes in a great range of colors. There are more than twenty five colors available from which the customers can choose. The blender is unique in that the beater rotates clockwise and the shaft rotates anti clockwise. This makes the blending action more perfect so that the ingredients are mixed well. The blender does not require the bowl to be stirred. This artisan mixer is a versatile appliance and calls for being grabbed. 

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