Probably one of the greatest crazes in the industry today is OPI shatter nail polish, the innovative creation leaves the user with nails that seem like a cracked mirror in a variety of different colors. The beauty of this look is that it is grungy, edgy, and quite unique. Best of all the cracked colors could be layered over any other standard nail polish so they are guaranteed to match your outfit. For instance using OPI silver shatter nail polish over a turquoise or perhaps teal is perfect for any summer look using that same teal color that is very popular. The selection of colors that OPI is offering their shatter range might not be as extensive as their typical colors but it is still a good amount to select from. Originally there was simple a black shatter polish, and it was such a hit that OPI decided to immediately bring out 5 additional colors for individuals to pick from. There are now 9 OPI shatter nail polish colors for you to select from, so you can always ensure the perfect look, OPI is also considering bringing out more colors in the future after more studies.

The OPI shatter nail polish directions are remarkably simple, even a child could work out how to use OPI shatter nail polish. The initial step is to choose your colors, you will need a solid color underneath, the selected shatter tone, and then a clear top coat to seal the look. OPI offers something known as "Start to Finish" which can be used as a top coat and as a base coat for this purpose. For a much more dramatic effect use highly contrasting or complimentary colors. Then you will need to apply two coats of the solid color to your nails. This should be totally dry and set prior to applying the shatter or the look will not work and may smudge. After both layers are dry to the touch you could apply your shatter coat, you would just need one layer of shatter polish. Apply the shatter polish normally across the whole nail as you would with any color, it is then that the magic happens that leaves some wondering about OPI shatter nail polish, how does it work? You may actually watch the nail polish change on your finger nails and begin to crack and shatter. Let this dry completely before doing anything else and applying the clear top coat. The top coat helps protect the shatter effect from chipping and keep the colors guarded. Follow these OPI shatter nail polish directions and you will be able to enjoy your nails for days, but with 9 different effects you may simply need to change them daily!

Having been enchanted with this marvelous nail phenomena you are probably wondering where can I purchase OPI shatter nail polish? The first place most people will go to is the OPI company themselves. OPI also offers their products through certain salons and cosmetic beauty stores so you can possibly find the colors locally as well. Their web site not just carries the entire line of shatter polishes but also allows you to "try on" each color using their remarkable virtual hands so you can check out a look prior to purchasing it. This is a good way of planning out your look and making sure you have precisely what you desire before spending money since OPI is not the cheapest of companies.

OPI shatter nail polish