YankMeCandle.com has taken a new spin on the traditional gag gift. They have created a line of scented candles that feature laugh out loud names. One of those names is Mudd Butt; this candle features the traditional prank disc, which the candles are known for.

Indialantic, FL., August 27, 2014 — Mudd Butt is only one of many hilariously named candles produced by YankMeCandle.com. The candle features the prank scented disc, which provides an unappealing scent to the recipient. Once the disc is removed from the candle, the scent is rather pleasant; in this case, it is Morning Brewed Coffee. YankMeCandle.com has taken a traditional gift and added a humorous element. It is this element that makes these candles one of a kind and the ultimate gag gift for any occasion.

The idea of prank candles is one that has never been explored by another company, at least to the level in which YankMeCandle.com has taken it. It has become a business that not only meets the gag gift need, but it also is known as a company with a heart.

YankMeCandle.com donates 50% of each sale to local animal shelters. This is not only a business designed to make their customers smile, but also to help animals in need. Every time a useful gag gift candle is purchased from YankMeCandle.com, the life of an animal in need becomes much happier.

Mudd Butt is but only one of many different comically named scented candles. They make the ideal gift for co-workers, friends, and family. Anyone who is need of a laugh will thoroughly enjoy the products offered by YankMeCandle.com.

About YankMeCandle.com
YankMeCandle.com was established in May 2014 by Rick Martis as a great way to gag gift a person yet still get use out of the gift after the prank had been played. Placed on top of each of the creative and humorously named candles is a patent pending “stinky disc”. When the recipient opens the top off the candle they are greeted with the gag affect. Once the easy to remove disc is eliminated the recipient is left with a 100% soy great smelling candle that one can burn and enjoy.

Contact Information:
Rick Martis
200 S Miramar Ave.
Indialantic, FL 32903
Phone: 1-855-926-5631 — 1-855-YANKME1
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.yankmecandle.com
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