CHINA - A wide range of quality products for landscape construction and city greening are delivered to customers from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited through the website Green roof system and other plastic gardening materials are produced with the help of the latest technology machines in order to ensure international standard and quality. Plastic grass pavers can be easily installed as they are designed in such a way to suit the requirements of diversified customers from over 20 countries in the world. Intensive research and development is conducted to improve the functionality and durability of green roofs provided by Greening Solution.

The website says, ¡°Your outdoor space is your first chance to make an impression on neighbors and guests, so sprucing up the landscape or adding a porch or patio can give your house a much-needed boost. Our Plastic grass grid is a good choice for landscape renovation.¡±

Some of the plastic products featured on the website Grass Reinforcement consist of Plant Container, Vertical Greening Materials, Drain Cover, Storage and Drainage Board for Green Roofs, Plastic Grass Pavers Grid, Ground and Grass Reinforcement Products and many other Green Roof System Materials. The grass reinforcement materials from Greening Solution are used by many industrial and common clients. Potential customers can collect valuable information regarding Greening Installation Methods, Ground Reinforcement and Roof Greening from the website of Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited.

One of the clients of this plastic gardening material manufacturer Mr. George Moreno, CEO H&G Home Improvement says, ¡°I like my business cooperation with Leiyuan Company, although we came across some problems, they gave their ideas and explained in detail which helped me a lot. They are very good business partners.¡±

Before seeking the services of Greening Solution, potential consumers can go through the website in order to obtain an insight into the standard of services offered by this company. Storage and Drain Water Plate, Plastic Water Drainer, Storage Water Board for Green Roof system, Roof water Drainage Systems, Drainage and Storage Plate, Grass Reinforcement Gravel Grid, Turf Cell Grid, Grass Paving Grid for Ground Grids Reinforcement System, Interlocking Grass Protection Mat and many other products are provided to customers at reasonable rates and high quality guarantee.

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QuanZhou Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited has been engaged in the production, research and Ground Reinforcement development of plastic gardening materials since 2008. The company has around 8000 sq. meters of factory area and more than 23 advanced instrument sets for the manufacturing of high quality products.

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