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Victor Okafor was suffering from hydrocele which occurs at the scrotum when fluid is filled in the area, in the sac under the penis that contains the testicles. It is reported that the fluid can be filled at either or both the sides in the same period.

Low-cost hydrocele surgery in India

Hydrocele condition is very common in young boys but at times hydrocele can be found in adults as well. Recently, Mr. Victor from Nigeria came to India for his treatment as he observed swollen scrotum which felt heavy in weight. Though there was no pain however, the swelling of the scrotum caused discomfort.

The treatment suggested to Mr. Okafor is to draining the fluid with a needle (aspiration) or by a minor surgical procedure. To drain a hydrocele a needle is inserted into the sac filled hydrocele and the fluid is removed or in other words aspirated.

To prevent fluid accumulating after it has been drained in Mr. Okafor’s body a special fluid called a “sclerosing” fluid has been injected into the scrotum after the hydrocele has been drained. The fluid plays a vital role to seal off the passage from the abdomen to the scrotum, preventing the fluid from re-entering the scrotum.

Though the recurrence is common after aspiration and sclerotherapy treatment and the procedure can be really painful. But Mr. Okafor has survived all of it after undergoing affordable hydrocele surgery in India and hence with this he is living his life to the fullest.

It’s been a very comfortable journey as everything was already planned and the rest was settled by Dheeraj bhojwani consultants so well that he didn’t had to worry about anything else. Mr. Okafor express him deep gratitude towards the specialists and Dheeraj Bhojwani consultants for the support and care.

Dheeraj Bhojwani Consultants are one of the world’s leading medical service providers and is a dedicated institution working to provide quality and affordable medical health to patients across the globe. India is one of those countries that has invested a lot in medical health and care and hence, leading to be one of the countries with developed surgical tools and technology.

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