You will find various types of door locks available for consumers who want to buy them: front locks, commercial locks, deadbolts, padlocks, knob locks, spring latches, electronic locks, and code locks. Dependent on the types of door locks you would like to purchase, you could get them at various warehouses and home improvement stores.

There are many types of front door locks on the market:

Key locks

Button locks

Knob locks

Electronic locks

Mechanical locks

Key locks need the usage of a key to secure them safely. This is an effective way to keep others away from certain storage areas or rooms-since they will need to use a key to open the locks which they do not have. Key locks definitely will consist of garage door locks as well as home door locks. One type of garage door lock is a side door bolt. The side door bolt is the typical garage door lock that comes with the garage, and it requires someone to slide the door bolt into a door track on the garage door from the inside. Consequently, few can gain access to a garage caused by the inside door lock that you cannot access from the outside. Additionally there is the T-handle lock, a door lock that has two bolts and needs a key to access the third lock. An individual cannot open this from the outside, even when they can remove the bolt locks-because they do not have the key to unlock the key entry.

Electronic door locks need the use of fingerprints and/or password for access. These locks come without key entries as well as require company installation to be able to operate properly. Fingerprint access can be one of the most rational reasons to purchase electronic door locks, although they are costly when you consider you have to buy the system and pay for the installation and mechanic work. Still, when you deem your home worth saving from the plots of robbers, you may want to have this kind of lock to defend your belongings. Deadbolt locks are another kind of lock for your garage door that is included with a key entry that is shaped just like the letter "T." Deadbolt locks are placed on the door frame and you can select one key to be utilized for both locks if you prefer. In relation to using deadbolt locks, there are many types of deadbolt locks as well, whether utilizing it on the garage or a home door:







Single-cylinder deadbolts have one side of the deadbolt that needs a key entry, the other side requires a knob turn. Double-cylinders have both knobs as requiring a key entry for access. Electronic deadbolts require key entry and password or passcode (secure types of deadbolts) while one-sided deadbolts necessitate the turn of a knob for access (these are probably not the safest locks to have on a garage door or perhaps home). Mechanical deadbolts use a combination of key entry as well as password activation to enter through them.

Kinds of door knob locks consist of the following:

Latch lock

Single-cylinder deadbolt

Double-cylinder deadbolt

Surface-mount deadbolt

Keyless lock

Latch locks arrive with a key entry on the outside and a latch and knob turn on the inside. Single-cylinder deadbolts come with a knob on the inside that turns opens the door for the inside and outside. Latches can permit intruders to gain access to homes through a "credit card slide" through the door, but single-cylinder deadbolts stop this type of theft. Double-cylinder deadbolts are among the best types of door security available.

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