18, October 2016: Among the vast array of coupons and deals websites a new one named Get Best Stuff has launched. Although the site looks pretty basic in the layout department, the speed and efficiency of the website seems to be one of its key features.

The website has coupons from over 8000 different online merchants and ecommerce stores. Although the focus seems to be on buyers based in USA and UK, they do have a decent collection of online stores from other regions as well such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Korea and more. The main selling point of the website seems to be its simplicity, ease of use and a well implemented coupon search feature. The site doesn’t use a lot of images and external javascripts which may have helped with the faster page load times.

“We are very excited about the launch of our new website and our main goal is to provide best coupons and deals for enthusiastic buyers. While we do have stores from all over the globe, our focus right now are online ecommerce stores based in USA and UK. Our coupons and deals are updated every 20 minutes.", the company’s CEO, Scott Sanders. “We have tried to make the website as fast and navigation friendly as possible and have tried to avoid all sorts of clutter that visitors aren’t interested in”, he further added.

When asked about why they launched another coupon website in a highly competitive market where there are hundreds of coupon sites, Sanders said — “I agree there is really no dearth of coupons and deals websites but you would be surprised to know that only about 10% of them are useful. Most of the others feature fake coupons to mislead visitors coming from search engines with manipulative page titles and provide nothing of value to the end user. We want to be one of the genuine coupons so that people appreciate and use our website regularly in the long run. Deals providers and although we are aware of the competition, we are unfazed by it at the moment.”

Get Best Stuff has made a promising start and even though the selection of stores isn’t huge, they do offer genuine deals that shoppers based in the USA and UK can benefit from.

For Media Contact:
Company: Get Best Stuff
Address: Dillibazar House No. 3/22,
Phone: 977-443-7016
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.getbeststuff.com