Brookhaven, NY; 22, October 2016: People who are always excited about ghostly affairs will come forward to support Candy Cain’s project to document her own ghostly encounters. Candy has experienced several mystical events all through her life and she believes that people will also love to explore these ghostly affairs. This is the reason why she launched her project on Kickstarter seeking funds to document her real ghost stories that could be fun, exciting and a bit horrifying as well for people.

Candy has been a part of the entertainment industry and because of her extensive experience of filmmaking, she is confident of documenting her ghostly investigations in a manner that could appeal to the audience. The Ghost Hunting project is open for funding until November 1, 2016 with a funding goal of $6,600. The project has already started drawing people’s interests with several backers who already have pledged hundreds of dollars to support the project. People can pledge as little as $1 only and can also pledge bigger amounts up to $6,600 or more to be a ghost hunter.

According to Candy, a backer can get the first episode DVD for pledging $25 more, while for $50, one can enjoy dinner in a haunted restaurant. Backers can discover several kinds of exciting opportunities for supporting Candy’s project of documenting her actual paranormal experiences. The episodes will reveal several thrilling ghostly stories that could be fun watching for anyone who is curious about unearthing psychic experiences.

Candy believes that there are people who would have experienced something mystical or clairvoyant in their life. After watching her show, they will be able to understand their psychic experiences that might be haunting them. One can also be part of the Ghost Hunt Live with the Director for pledging $2000 and more, and this could be a real opportunity to meet Candy and watch the live shooting for more fun and excitement. People can support Candy in her endeavor to shoot the Ghost Hunt show and pledge for the project on the website

About Candy Cain:

Candy Cain owns Cain Casting & Talent Management and she has been a part of the film and television industry for years. She has worked with many casting directors and also a published playwright. Candy is seeking funding for her Ghost Hunting project that will document her several ghostly encounters and will be covered in several episodes.

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Contact Person: Candice Cain