Gillette Guard BIG Disha with Neelesh Misra inspires students to take up lucrative careers

17 year old Mustafa from Fatehpur Sikri is one happy boy today. The young lad who has been writing poems and prose from the age of 7 had nurtured dreams of writing and publishing books when he grew up. However, as he went about his life, the eldest of his siblings (he has 2 younger sisters) had decided to become an engineer because career and earning money took precedence over pursuing his passion. His joy knew no bounds when he discovered a multitude of careers related to writing that not only pay him well but also helps him stay connected with his true passion. “I never knew that there were so many careers related to writing like scripter, copywriter and even so many options in web content development. I am now well informed to convince my parents to let me take-up writing as a career!” the young lad gushed.


Mustafa was amongst a thousand others who came seeking for career direction at Gillete Guard Big Disha. 92.7 BIG FM who announced its partnership with Gillete India Ltd. for the Uttar Pradesh leg of its unique career counselling platform ‘Gillette Guard BIG DISHA’, has been conductingsuccessful programs in the city since the past 1 month. With the guiding principle of ‘Career Banao, Life Banao’, the 16 week awareness campaign which kicked off in December has already touched over 51,000 students from Agra, Kanpur, Allahabad, Ferozabad, Barabanki, Bareilly and many more districts through the program and educated them on a multitude of upcoming career streams. The radio show ‘Gillette Guard BIG Disha with Neelesh Misra’ which was launched to educate students on great career options has also picked up well in the state.


Through the past one month, this special program enlightened students in the age group of 15-24 years on various career opportunities like Creative Writing, RJ-ing, Broadcast Journalism etc. The students from various colleges thronged the program venue while the career experts engaged them with questions on their personality traits and enlightened them about the career path they should follow. The students also got grooming tips and a special shaving session from Gillete Guard.


Says 15 year old Lakhan from Barabanki — “I never thought that my ability to draw and paint had so much potential as a career in the crime and investigation line and the fashion space. I am very excited about diverting my energies beyond a BA that I had initially planned to something that will keep me connected to my passion!” His comrade Veeru adds “I have already convinced maa to let me take up a hotel management career! She also loves my cooking when I feed her food made with my own hands and she knows I will excel in anything related to cooking! I am very excited about becoming a chef! I will one day cook in a five star hotel and feed maa rich people’s food served in glass plates!”


Gillette Guard BIG Disha will continue hosting programs across Uttar Pradesh in the upcoming days. With so many careers coming to light and so many dreams coming true, we can definitely acknowledge that Gillette Guard BIG Disha was a super successful program! We congratulate 92.7 BIG FM on hosting such a lucrative program for the young generation of Uttar Pradesh!


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