Louisville, KY — Gladstein Law Firm has settled a prison rights case involving the wrongful death of an inmate under the protection of the state. The $800,000 settlement won by Seth Gladstein and his team will go to the decedent’s three minor sons.

The decedent, a 27 year old inmate at a Kentucky prison, died from dehydration while under the supervision of healthcare administrators for a severe heroin withdrawal. As a result of the neglect, the decedent leaves behind three minor sons.. Gladstein Law Firm successfully advocated for the young mother, pointing out the lack of adequate care administered by the healthcare administrators hired to provide inmate medical services. Seth Gladstein, founder of Gladstein Law Firm, has expressed that he will continue to seek justice for the decedent, and will further litigate the case against individual prison officials who were responsible for the care of the decedent during her incarceration.

“We know we can’t bring a loved one back,” said Seth Gladstein, “but we can help cope with the loss of support and the grieving process by advocating for those affected by negligence and carelessness.”

Seth Gladstein has long been an advocate for those unable to defend themselves. His firm is founded on a commitment to defend those injured by the neglect or mistakes of others. A key part of Gladstein’s success is in his extensive experience; before founding Gladstein Law Firm, he served as a defense lawyer for health care providers, employers, and businesses, many of whom he now goes up against in court as defendants in personal injury and malpractice cases.

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