Indonesia, February 26, 2013 — Internet is among the most popular media in developed nations in the present age. Active presence on the World Wide Web is beneficial for the success of business. Advertisements and promotional can be found in ample on the web as it is visited by millions simultaneously. Glariz is a website that hosts classified ads for free, which means it is the best platform for promotion of products or services of an individual or company. The website is utmost simple to navigate and registration and posting advertisement is easy as well. The fact that it does not charge for its service makes it most suitable for small enterprises or individual services or products.

Users are required to create and account with Glariz to post free ads through it. Only email Id and password are required for registration. Once registered, users can sign-in to post advertisement regarding any product or service. More than 100 categories of advertisement, which are broadly classified as Community, Jobs, Real Estate, Sales, Services, Travel and Vehicle are supported by Glariz. Name and contact information have to be provided along with image, URL and description of position and category of advertisement to Glariz for online banner posting. However, only 4 images can be posted for an advertisement. Instructions on management of the account and classifieds are provided step-step format at Help section of

Users are obliged to agree to terms of use of the services of Glariz as mentioned at the website, like it is with any other service provider. Glariz does not take the liability to inform its users about amendments made to its terms of service, which is why users should stay alert about it. Besides, users are obliged to agree with the terms of service of those associates of Glariz whose services are used or accessed by them through

With Glariz users can rest assured for the security of the information that provide to post free ads. No information is compromised or disposed to others unless permission is sought from the user. However, in case of any ambiguities or concerns regarding compromise of data, the professionals at Glariz can be contacted through the online contact form at the website. There are not much classified ads at Glariz presently, which might be the reason for its completely free services. However, the website is somewhat suggestive that its service might become premium in future. It also means that the current opportunity must be fully exploited by individuals and companies.

About Glariz


Glariz is a classifieds website that hosts classified ads for free. It is a global platform that lets Indians connect to the rest of the world more dynamically than ever before. It has a diverse portfolio of services that includes classifieds, events, participations, social media reviews and yellow pages. A visit to the website through the official link might be more educative for users.