15, July 2015: GlobalShareWare is introducing its iPhone data recovery software called iFoneMate that is specifically designed in restoring deleted or lost data from any iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The software is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners who have accidentally deleted some of the important messages or even their call history from their devices.

Since it is given that with constant use of phones and other communication devices, there are times when certain information would accidentally be deleted or be lost especially when trying to multitask in the device. Also, it could happen when the entire system is upgraded or even with having the phone locked after forgetting the password. This software can recover data from iPhone and other devices.

iFoneMate iPhone data recovery software is specially designed for iPhone users who are open with the consistent upgrade of their system. It is given that upgrading may sometimes lose all important information in an instant. Also, physical damage, virus effect, jailbreak error or even with just simple battery replacement could delete the most important data information in the phone. Regardless of the reason, this software could impressively work in restoring lost data with the use of computer devices.

With the introduction of the product, people owning any iOS devices who have already lost their data could recover it with the simple processes that the software requires. Even the latest iOS products are covered by this software. This can conduct iPhone 6 data recovery and recover data from all other iOS devices conveniently.

GlobalShareWare is the developer of iFoneMate which is designed to help in data recovery from iPhone. Its main function is to perform iPhone deleted data recovery and also on other iOS devices like iPad and iPod Touch. All that users have to do is to follow the instructions on how to recover the data and also how it should be saved to avoid data loss. Thus, they are able to recover all important information and keep them safe in a computer.

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