Orlando, FL— July 17, 2015 — Arthritis affects millions of people from around the world. However, the condition doesn’t only jeopardize the life and health of humans, but animals, too, such as rabbits. The good news is that a natural remedy used by humans is found to be also effective in rabbits.

Glucosamine is believed to be a helpful natural remedy for rabbits with arthritis. The thing about arthritis in animals is that it is difficult to diagnose, as certain clinical signs can also indicate the presence of various health problems. One of the symptoms is the animal’s refusal to go inside or jump into the litter box.

Rabbits are often subjected to a physical examination, which includes examination of the response to reflexes, joints, skin and determination of muscle strength. X-rays are often used to determine the level of destruction in the bone and joint, or the presence of osteophytes, or bone spurs. Administration of NSAID drugs, in addition to rest, are considered to be the initial proposed treatment. These remedies can help reduce inflammation and pain caused by bone problems.

Recently, it was found that the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin is helpful to provide pain relief among rabbits with arthritis. If pet owners see that their rabbit is not jumping up the stairs like it used to, it is possible that the animal is suffering from pain due to arthritis.

In a study presented by Dr. Louis Lippiello, M.D., in the 63rd annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology, the researchers used rabbits to determine the clinical effects of the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin. To speed up osteoarthritis progression in the back legs of the rabbits, they were subjected to a standard surgical procedure. After 16 weeks, it was found that the glucosamine and chondroitin groups experienced less severe damage in the cartilage than the control groups.

There are many other studies that revealed the efficacy of glucosamine in animals such as rabbits. There are other animals that take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of glucosamine such as dogs, cats, ponies and horses.

Pet owners are recommended to talk to a rabbit-savvy veterinarian to see if the animal has arthritis. They can ask for some medications that can help ease or reduce pain and inflammation. If the rabbit is having a difficult time tolerating the use of medicines, then pet owners need to see if the right option is to use glucosamine (amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Chondroitin-Supplement-Turmeric/dp/B00DUMO9X4/).

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