God helps those who help themselves says Ratan Rajput





Ratan Rajput is preparing to make waves as a simple young woman Santoshi in &TV's socio-mythological show SantoshiMaa. The actress will be seen as a devout worshipper of Santoshi Ma who has been orphaned at a young age.With the Goddess’sblessings Santoshi takes all the hardships in life head-on, turning to the Goddess whenever she is in trouble.


  1. What brings you to this show?
  2. I’m very selective when it comes to doing shows. But the premise of the show is great and as a person, I’m a big believer in God. Since this show is about Goddess Santoshi and my character is developed in such a manner that it’s almost like playing me on the show. I couldn’t find a reason to refuse this show.


  1. What are your expectations from this show?
  2. This is not just a mythology drama but involves a socio-mytho angle that people can relate to. Given the fact that all of us are chasing our dreams and aspiration so much so that we don’t even get time to enjoy what we have achieved, this show highlights the importance of being content and happy. According to me it’s a very real story and Iam certain people will appreciate our efforts.


  1. How much do you leave things to God in real life?
  2. I believe in putting in maximum effort in whatever I do before leaving things to God. Like they say“God helps those who help themselves.” I follow this in real life and I say a big thank you to God at the end of each day for giving me the strength and the perseverance to see things through.


  1. SantoshiMaa is a show with the motto of contentedness, Are you content in your life?
  2. Yes, I am content with whatever I have achieved so far. Having said that I am quite ambitious and believe moving ahead in life with my head held high. I know hard work pays. So I work very hard and wait for the results patiently.



  1. Tell us about your one experience so far which proved to be an assurance, that god exists?
  2. I think everything I have achieved so far and the life I have had is an assurance that God exists. I feel really blessed to have all the success, fame, and love of my fans. I know all that does not come easy and the fact that I get such good work and I have so much is all because of God’s blessings.


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