The company addressed the security needs of its esteemed customers in the jewellery sector in Indore

Indore: Godrej Security Solutions (GSS), the largest manufacturer and marketer of security solutions in India, presented its latest range of state-of-the-art security products in Indore today. The event was attended by prominent personalities such Govind Rathi,Senior,Member, Chandi Sona Jawahari Vyapari Association, Chandrakanth Kathiawadi,Senior Member, Chandi Sona Jawahari Vyapari Association; both of whom addressed the gathering of eminent jewelers from the city. GSS’ latest range of products employs futuristic technology and draws inspiration from a century of leadership in the country. The range includes a range of security products like electronic and mechanical safes, CCTVs, video door phones and sophisticated alarm systems, designed to meet the needs of its esteemed customers in the jewellery segment. Leading jewellers and representatives of jewellery showrooms attended the event. 


Jewellery shops store the most expensive goods but they continue to use outdated and very basic security equipment. These are the very reasons why many thefts are so common in jewellery shops. Every year, the jewellery sector loses lakhs of rupees due to burglaries. And with robbers using advanced tools and techniques, the magnitude of assets lost is only going to go up unless jewellers in the city upgrade their security infrastructure. Sensing this need, GSS, after intensive Research & Development, has come up with solutions that ensure high-tech and cost-effective safeguards are able to protect the entire shop premises.

Speaking at the event Mr. Mehernosh Pithawalla, Assistant Vice President - Marketing, Godrej Security Solutions ,  said, “We, as market leaders and pioneers in the security solutions, understand that the lifetime assets of many jewellers are dependent on their goods being safe and sound within the shop premises at all hours. Jewellers need to install security solutions that incorporate modern and futuristic technologies. GSS has a strong research & development team that continues to build innovative products that can scan, withstand stronger physical attack and employ intelligent systems to identify any unwanted occurrences.”

The range of products showcased included BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)-labelled safes, both electronic and mechanical.

State-of-the-art products for the Jewellery Segment:

The most popular products from the Godrej stable are the Matrix Safe-a high quality fire and burglary resistant safe, that has  a strong double-walled construction, a Double Duty Barrier which provides fire as well as burglary resistance and has the option of a 6 lever-lock, wheel-combination lock or digital lock. Other prominent safes are Citadel, Taurus, E Bio and E Swipe.

A recent innovation from the house of Godrej Security Solutions is the  Matrix with I-Warn technology. It is India’s first home safe that has an in-built vibration sensor that triggers off an alarm when it is being tampered with. It sends out sms-es to registered numbers alerting about the break-in. The technology for the safe is completely built in-house at GSS. The uniqueness about this safe is that it gives a sense of complete control to the homeowner, who knows that even when nobody is at home, he has a an extremely reliable product that fulfills all the functions of physical security- while the strongly built body and complex locking system prevents burglars from breaking into the safe and stealing contents, it also acts as a deterrent to the burglars when the alarm goes

off (a lot like a burglar alarm) and finally, it informs the homeowner and other important stakeholders like the Police (the number needs to be registered) real time so that they can take proactive action without any delay.

The company’s product range also includes a wide range of products such as Burglar and fire-resistant safes, strong room doors, safe deposit lockers, data safes, electronic coffers, fire and burglar alarm systems, XBIS (Baggage Scanners), HHMDs (Hand Held Metal Detectors) and IP CCTVs.



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