Not every jewelry that is gold is real gold; indeed the majority of the gold jewelry on the market today is actually gold plated jewelry. This means that if you opt to sell it is not as worthy as it would be if it were real gold. The good news is there are many ways you could raise the value of this jewelry by following several steps.

Know How To Maximize Gold Jewelry Value

The first step in examining gold jewelry is to assess gold plated jewelry value. When selling gold plated jewelry you should first determine is gold plated jewelry worth anything. This will depend on numerous factors like how old the jewelry is, how well cared for the jewelry is, and the karat of gold utilized in the jewelry.

Gold plated jewelry cannot be below 10 karats to be considered valuable. The gold jewelry has to be able to pass through a durability test. Usually there is a market for quality costume jewelry. Therefore chances are if you have something like this you could sell it. Should you want gold plated gems to stay valuable also to have value when you sell them, you would have to invest in gold plated jewelry care while you own items. Most gold plated items are thing, and might react with silver and wear away with times .

Consider various steps to care for jewelry to increase its value :

Keep gold-plated items in a secured storage place, preferably in a box that has a soft interior so that gold-plated items do not scratch. Hard items can scratch gold-plated jewelry and wear away the exterior .

Keep items in velvet if possible or cover them in a scarf to preserve the quality of gems .

Gently wipe items to clean them or take them to a local jewelry who could replace the gold layer to preserve them. You might have to do this if you plan to keep items or re-sell them at some point. A few jewelers will charge a small fee for their services.

Avoid cleaning items too often as this could wear away at the gold-plating.

Wipe jewelry with a light cotton cloth to remove dust.

Employing a bowl filled with soapy water, and warm water, soak items.

Let jewelry soak for up to 15 minutes. You may make use of a soft toothbrush to scrub jewelry but do not attempt this too often or the gold plating will wear off.

Clean jewelry with a soft cloth that is specially made for polishing jewelry. Avoid utilizing harsh chemicals or abrasive chemicals as this would take away the gold finishing.

Everything You Ever Wished To Find Out About High Fashion Gold Plated Jewelry

There are numerous places in the world where gold plated jewelry is a sign of unique style and wealth. One such country is India. Investing in gold plated Indian jewelry is a symbol of style and class. In fact, Indian jewelry is amongst some of the classiest gold plated jewelry obtainable. Modern fashion designs are available; the majority of the gold plated Indian jewelry is handmade, and offers real color and unique designs .

There is an ever increasing demand for gold plated jewelry wholesale in this unique style, in part because it is alluring, as well as attractive, usually incorporating natural stones including silver and gemstones. This unique style could be put on not just as a necklace or bracelet but also as an unique hair piece or as an addition to a scarf or any other clothing accessory. There is a much wider collection to select from among Indian gold plated styles, and it looks more and more metals are being introduced each and every day .

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