Gotham Font was recently launched for those in media, advertising and other industries who can make use of this rather modern font.

This specific type of font is often considered to be an extension of San Serif fonts and is more geometric in nature than arty. But in many ways it has gone in the favour of the font that first originated in New York. It has been used to great effect in recent times, especially in political campaigns, which has added to its popularity.

Gotham Font can also be used smartly when it comes to creating signs, posters and more. And now users can get their hands on this font with ease thanks to this app that has been launched. They can start with downloading this simple app, which sits nicely on their systems. The easy to use interface means they can work with it without any prior experience.

The good thing about this app is that it can be used by all users with equal ease. Students can use the app to create logos or messages that might be needed for their specific reasons. It also has its applications for those in the publishing industry as it is commonly used in magazines today.

This font has become quite popular in the advertising industry as well and there are hundreds of companies all over the world that are using it today. The simplicity and the character of this font remain its highlight and now users have it at their disposal with this app, which is not only free but efficient for their regular use too.

About Gotham Font

Gotham Font is a geometric type of font that has gained in popularity in recent times and is widely used in media, publishing and advertising industries besides having several other applications.

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