CET1 Capital Reserves Increased naturally by an Innovation in Deposits

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia — DECember 10th, 2014 —   Bankcoin Reserve announced today via its Chairman, Gary McAlister, banks should see government action on the Murray Inquiry as an opportunity to look for solutions, acquire new digital innovations and therefore increase their market share. CEO's, CIO's and product managers need to act positively to these recommendations and look for new innovations that not just stabilise the banks but future-proof them for generations to come which are both ethical and sustainable.

“Increasing CET1 capital reserves is a good thing and now banks have a unique opportunity to enter the digital mining asset space by way of Bankcoins new patented Bankcoin Term Deposit. They can increase their deposit market share by targeting the Ethical and/or Islamic sectors and increase their own profits at the same time. These are huge untapped markets globally which McAlister says they can have up and running inside 48 hours".  The flipside for government is the mining of the digital asset before the banks acquire it is a taxable event via CGT. It is estimated the new tax revenue for the government would be in the 10s of billions pa. So it’s a win for the banks and a win for government.

Take a sector like oil: now that the oil price has declined, oil money has to go somewhere, so what McAlister is saying to the banks here in Australia is acquire the Bankcoin Term deposit, let your marketing people do what they do and sit back and watch the deposit money flow in. The money that is now sitting on the sidelines has to go somewhere in this instance from oil to mining so why not to our shores, to our banks, to our Government through our no risk, quick to implement, insured patented Bankcoin Term Deposit product.

McAlister says: We are in new times because of social media and YouTube. People are educating themselves on the banking system and want new ethical products that cater to their requirements. Take Metro Bank in the UK by Vernon Hill; he is creating fans not customers by listening to their needs then making it happen. This is the future of banking where a CEO gets it. Why? Because he looked.

I believe our banks in Australia can have the same success here by embracing the Murray Inquiry and our new product Bankcoin Term Deposit. Hopefully they are looking.

McAlister is also in conversations with those in the Ethical and Faith based banking sector on LinkedIn(https://www.linkedin.com/pub/gary-terry-lion-bankcoin-reserve-bitcoin/24/a09/209) as this new product does not have an interest Riba component, what is seen to be interest/usury is actually the mining of new coin. What this means is banks all around the world can adopt this new product and attract those in the Ethical and Faith based sector and give them the opportunity to open up savings and term deposits at their banks. This is a huge untapped market. There is a 10% commission for sales reps that can introduce our product to Banks and it be implemented in their country.

About Bankcoin Reserve
The Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) does not sell Bankcoin; it was instituted to provide the Bankcoin community with security and a stable price & mechanism which we have delivered. The Bankcoin Reserve has 10M Bankcoin as a security position should any issues arise throughout the Bankcoin network. The Bankcoin Reserve is a self-regulated Reserve and complies with all national and international regulations. We can work with the FDIC APRA in relation to this new product, insurance etc.

Gary is now available for speaking engagements covering the patents, process and setup with real time wallets that are minting and mining to prove the process can be implemented immediately.

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