GPS Public Relations Digital Agency brings a new Business Development Director to the team. We introduce Bob Erthal, an expert in Websites and Internet Marketing solutions with 16 years of experience in Account Management and Business Development.

Bob has been adding value as a Business Professional with thirty years of experience in the Energy, Insurance, Pharma and Health industries.  Bob began his professional career as a corporate accountant and moved into the financeand marketing departments at Sunoco for 15 years.

He worked a consultant in IT Project Management for several years with a software company before focusing on the world of Internet Marketing through Websites. Bob has an MBA in Information Systems from St. Joseph’s University and business degrees in Accounting and Economics from Temple University.

Bob brings his positive energy, problem-solving skills, passion, and desire for experience to a new position within our team. His introduction to our company also brings natural experience with multiple managementskills.

"We are so excited to have Bob join our team. His strong,disciplined personality and previous business development experiences are going to add the unique qualities to our team. Having fresh new insight and someone who desires to be the best for our clients is nothing but space for potential success and happy customers."
-Michael Fieger

GPS Public Relations is a digital public relations agency focused on creating Ideas & building brands that truly matter to business. The firm serves as an end-to-end partner to achieve client goals online. GPS Public Relations is Michael Fieger’ s USA-based business that handles the details of client’s Digital SEO, website and social media strategies and implementation so those clients can focus on their core business.

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