In the modern day scenario, Germany stands as one of the most prosperous countries not only economically but also in other aspects of life. It has a strong share in the European Union and is respected as a prominent member. This has attracted many investors for potential opportunities. The real estate industry has been one of those that has benefitted highly from all this.

Grand City Properties, a giant real estate Company in Germany has been redeveloping and improving the real estate properties in all of Germany. Seeing the international potential and also on high demand, the Company has opened up several investment opportunities to the rest of the world. The Company has hogged the limelight from the month of January this year. By the beginning of the year the company’s rating was raised to BB+ by the S&P. It has further acquired the management company, providing property management services to a whooping 18,000 units in Germany alone. The real estate in Germanyhas never been the same ever since. The customers have been given endless reasons to celebrate. In February, the Company has issued a 5 year period convertible bond of € 150 millions, which bears a coupon of 1.5 %. Two months later, it tapped a series B bond at € 150 millions again. Again, after two months in June, Grand City Properties further tapped up a convertible bond at an additional € 140 millions, priced at 111.25 %.

To help the investor relations keep close track of the company’s progress, Grand City Properties has setup an entire section dedicated to them in its web site. Investors can stay updated on their AGM and bonds, stock positions, business model and other information an everyday basis. Customers can also view a wide range of the company’s German properties from its official web site. For more information please go to



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Grand city properties is a real estate company. It is specialized in developing and optimizing the real estate properties in different parts of Germany. 


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