17, October 2016: Grand Design Services in Grimsby and Cleethorpes are constantly tracking future trends of kitchen design and modern appliances, inorder to keep abreast of modern innovations and keep their clients up to date on what is and will be available in the present and future.

Imagine the "smart" kitchen of the future: 3D Food Printers, Ovens that can be operated from your smart phone, Refrigerators and Kitchen Units that scan the items stored in them; thus allowing them to reorder essential items from your home delivery shopping service. Imagine the things a fully interconnected, computerised kitchen could do and you begin to realise how much time and effort could be saved, freeing up your time by managing the mundane jobs in the modern family household.

Your smart-phone may become integral to modern home life in the future. There are many Apps for smart-phones that monitor your health, these could be linked to your kitchens central computer, making it possible for your kitchen to provide you with recipes that suit each individual family members nutritional needs.

Kitchen Future Trends

Dan Smith, the owner had this to say about future kitchen trends:

Dan said “In regards to Future kitchen trends, It doesn't end with just your Iphone 10 controlling your kitchen! You could have soil-less gardens that provide you with fresh herbs and salads. You may have an aquarium stocked with fresh live fish. The modern kitchen could easily be equipped with a recycling station that sorts and compacts waste. Energy consumption could be monitored and minimised, water consumption too. All of these great ideas would be great for the environment.

All of this may seem a little far fetched, yet all of the technology is out there today and improving all the time. Read more http://granddesignservices.com/blog/kitchen-future-trends/

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