It is the German magazine Focus that has written about how the German beer scandal swells in size. According to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri, the country’s beer cartel has been rigging the price of beer for up to twenty years. 

The suspicion of a cartel was revealed in autumn 2011, and ever since, the authorities have dug into the case involving the country’s largest beer groups. 

Until now it was thought that the price fixing had just been going on from 2006 to 2008. But recent interviews with representatives of Germany’s seventh largest brewery, Veltnis, has shown clear data on the price cheating since 1993, according to Dagens Industri. 

It is the largest beer groups who themselves have agreed upon the prices, and then informed the smaller breweries on the guidelines for pricing. 

Also Danish Carlsberg has been suspected of previously participating in the cartel. Dagens Industri writes that the companies may be imposed with a multi-billion dollar fine for the price fixing. 

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