Working from home can be a very lucrative and rewarding experience for the right person, and there are several excellent business ideas for beginners to be found.  All that it takes is finding the right career to match a certain skill set.

“Anyone can work from home.  Many will start out slowly and work their way up,” said Sandy McQueen of

One such possibility is affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing means selling a product for another company for a commission sale.  The sheer number of companies online makes this a very good choice.

“One can even sell virtually and face-to-face in affiliate marketing.  This is how the Tupperware industry got started,” said McQueen.

Those who have a strong hobby may find it can become a business.  Take something that is already enjoyable and earn money from doing it.

“Someone who enjoys stained glass may find the perfect career making stained glass items.  The types are only limited by the imagination.  All it takes is the desire to step out and do it,” said McQueen.

Tapping into a previously unknown service industry is another good idea.  There are lots of potential business ideas for the right person.  Typically, any business that deals with pets is a good idea.

“All businesses start by beginners with ideas.  The only way to find whether or not businesses ideas will survive are to set out and try,” said McQueen.

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