Great Eating Habits provides information on different methods and ways that you can both lose weight and incorporate healthy eating habits every day. Losing weight can be a challenge to anyone, and the real trick is keeping it off over the long term. Crazy diets that involve starving yourself or limiting your ability to receive basic nutrition may help you lose some weight quickly. But as soon as you complete the diet, there's trouble ahead since it's at best a temporary success. In six days, weeks, or sooner you will probably gain the weight back.

The trick to healthy and permanent weight loss is to change your eating habits. Not for two weeks with radical methods but over the long term with making better food choices. Any certified nutritionist will tell you that the only way to lose weight is to cut calories and make better decisions on what foods to eat. Exercise is important to general health but without lowering your caloric intake, you won't make much progress on weight loss. If you eat a can of tuna fish everyday for a week you can lose weight, but you will also cause other health issues and probably gain the weight back in record time.

Our most popular article on  Easy Weight Loss Tricks is all about losing weight with no formal diet or weight loss program. The reason it's so popular is that even if you are on a diet, you can use these tips and tricks to up your game and get better results. And once you are off your diet you can continue to use the weight loss tricks to help you not gain all the weight back. All of these little changes are easier to implement and all contribute to a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits. We also have informative and related articles on calories, fat burning foods, diet pills, and healthy fast foods.

Great Eating Habits also provides information on two proven diets, one that addresses how to detox from sugar (for those with Diabetes and blood glucose problems) and one for healthy people that want to lose weight with intermittent fasting. Both were created by Certified Nutritionists and are based on proven scientific principles. Both have extremely good peer support, step by step instructions, meal plans, and even have smartphone apps to help. The goal of both diet programs are to help you make better choices and go for a long term solution.


Great Eating Habits offers ways to lose weight without going hard core on dieting. There are many small changes you can make to help you lose weight and get healthy. The secret is simple, just make these small changes to your eating habits and you'll be amazed how easy it can be to both lose weight and keep it off, forever. Of course some individuals may want or need (due to health concerns) a more structured weight loss program. We have two we highly recommend, one especially designed around a sugar detox diet, and one for intermittent fasting for those that want an easy and effective way to lose weight. Either way, we offer methods that will help anyone lose weight by changing their eating habits. The end result is long term weight loss success.

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