27, August 2015: Airwheel is a leading brand which is among the first manufacturers of intelligent electric cycle scooters for adults. The name of Airwheel consisting of Air and Wheel implies the things which are environment and running power. Air is an important part of the environment. Only a healthy environment can support human’s survival. Therefore, due to severe pollution caused by human in the past decades, many are trying to change the situation to protect the vulnerable earth. Wheel is what sends people forward by constant power. Modern develop can’t happen without all kinds of power. That’s why petrol and gas are vital resources and people are trying to research for new energy. Now Airwheel comes up with the exciting combination of green transportation.


Why did Airwheel spend too much to develop the sitting posture two-wheeled electric scooter A3?

Because it is much stronger and superior. Most early electric scooters are unicycles, which are popular among new fashion young people. Young people take it as a toy to show off on the street. But Airwheel is going to change people’s understanding. A scooter can be a high end vehicle for business use. The rider can be a serious gentleman on the scooter. It is like a mine smart car. The whole control system is like driving a car. The era of new concept scooter is coming.


Let’s go through the powerful performance of A3 sitting posture scooter. It is equipped with a li-ion battery of 520wh power capacity to provide lasting energy to support a long trip. It runs at a max speed of 16km/h, fast enough but still safe and under control. A3 also has a large LED screen to display real-time data, including speed, mileage, temperature, etc. A3 aims to give people an experience of driving a car when actually riding a scooter.

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